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Strength In Tenderness EP

Feb 2022

The debut EP, Strength In Tenderness forms t l k’s first extended portfolio, introducing their ethereal sound world, experimental production and thematic influences. For t l k, developing the EP has underlined the necessary nature of music making as a medium for psychological processing, carving space for deeper understandings of trauma, loss and selfhood to evolve.

Most Alive

MOST ALIVE Cover Wordless.png

Nov 2021

Blending entrancing jazz shuffles with melantronic harmony, experimental vocal textures, synth swells and driving bass lines, the single honours what it feels to be alive in the processing of loss.

Plays on Jazz FM, BBC Introducing, SWU.FM, Soho Radio, Threads Radio, Noods Radio

NTTM Artwork.png

Next To The Mirror

Jan 2021

Next To The Mirror is a nod to the inner child; a recognition that the pain we feel in others resides somewhere in ourselves. The track features intricate, layered vocals immersed in textural synths, swelling strings and meditative soft piano dialogues.

Watch the self-directed video, released May 2021, here.

Plays on BBC Introducing (featured Ear Worm),, Noods Radio, Deepbed Radio, Soho Radio, Oxigénio (Portugal)

FOT Artwork.jpg

Frame Of Ted

Nov 2020

The debut two-track single from t l k, Frame Of Ted forms a sonic expression of human friendship, departure and identity. The single takes shape around one improvised vocal take, embedded in a pool of soft piano and orange peel, with instrumental textures from Snazzback's Lyrebird (Dave Sanders) and Bethany Stenning of Stanlæy. The single includes two tracks: Frame Of Ted and its introduction, Big Box Of Something.


Plays on BBC Introducing, Oxigénio (Portugal), Uebel und Gefährlich (Germany), LRT (Lithuanian National Radio), Noods Radio, Soho Radio, Reform Radio

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