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Press Cuts


25 Feb 2022

"After attending their beautiful live set at The Gallimaufry for the launch of their new EP ‘Strength In Tenderness’, epigram caught up with t l k to chat about the EP, their story and their journey in music so far.


t l k is an independent producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol. Weaving ethereal vocals over immersive, melantronic beats, t l k has released a string of singles over the past two years, but ‘Strength In Tenderness’ marks their first extended body of work..."

17 Feb 2022

"...the Gallimaufry was filled to the brim with an eager audience... A highlight was the beautiful track “Most Alive.” A celebration of life itself, with Radiohead-Esque synth melodies and introspective lyrics. One of the singles from the upcoming EP, this is a song full of beauty. After such a gig, I couldn’t help but preorder the EP. Music like this has a sense of urgency and begs to be listened to..."


22 Oct 2021

"[t l k's] music has patient economy, eschewing unnecessary complication in favour of skeletal minimalism at times, the vocals sparingly applied as the mood is sketched into shape. The versatile James Storm Otieno seemed to catch the ecclesiastical atmosphere with a thoughtful solo sax intro to Frame of Ted. His elegantly woven echoing melody hinted at Jan Garbarek’s famous church-based recordings until the cascades of harmonised delays built their own sonic architecture. Over that rich sound the delicate strength and clarity of t l k’s vocals claimed an unforced reserve and assertion, even when ponderous electronic bass suddenly dropped the song into a different place. Throughout, Liam Twohig’s well judged drumming was spare and insistent by turns. The t l k set quickly established an intimacy with an attentive audience who seemed ready to share those introverted spaces and appreciated the music respectfully, as was appropriate."

20 Aug 2021

"It’s been a strange time to launch as an artist, but newcomer t l k (Tara Lily Klein) has taken it in her stride, embracing the space to explore and develop. There is something delicate and enticing about her music. A whirl of layered vocals and sensitive production, it’s the kind of music that you can lose yourself in. I talked with her about her influences, community and artistic intention..."


17 May 2021

11 Aug 2021

"t l k is the project of independent vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tara Lily Klein, and with two singles behind her, this show at the empyrean Pergola was to be her first with a full band. Assembled is a full band of formidable talent – featuring Bethany Stenning (STANLÆY) on harp, synths and vocals, musical swiss army knife James Storm Otieno (GOYA)  on ‘low end’ and vocals, and Liam Twohig (Gabriel Templar) on drums..."

17 May 2021

"‘Next To The Mirror’ shines with stirring synth vibes and the pleasant sound of the piano, t l k’s vocals are truly beautiful as they play their part in giving the whole track a trip-hop feel.

The music video is t l k’s directorial debut and in her own words, the visuals form “a celestial, introspective confrontation of trauma and selfhood.”."


17 May 2021

"Capturing the essence of reconciling with the psyche’s inner child is no mean feat.

Through swelling synths and layers of repeated vocals, Bristol-based producer and vocalist t l k has created a stunning soundscape, exploring an emotion self-described as ‘born of a feeling’. In latest track Next To The Mirror, she confronts her our own trauma as a form of empathy, culminating in a striking watch..."

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